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Turistické info o meste Prešov | Tourist info on the town Presov | Informacja turystyczna w mieście Presov | Touristische Informationen über die Stadt Presov

The city of Prešov is the third largest city in Slovakia. It is the only city in Slovakia through which the 49th parallel passes. Prešov is a city of many epithets, e. g. Athens on the Torysa, The Slovak Seattle, or Little Vienna, but the people are what make this city so beautiful. Together, let us wander through the old alleys, squares and old parks, breathing in the rich history […]

1. Prešov is one of the oldest royal towns in Slovakia 2. Prešov is the third largest town in Slovakia 3. Prešov is the historical centre of the Šariš Region 4. Prešov was the capital of the Slovak Republic (1918) and the Slovak Soviet Republic (1919) 5. The 49th parallel of north latitude runs through Prešov (similarly to Paris, Regensburg and Karlsruhe) 6. There are salt and opal mining sites […]