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Turistické info o meste Prešov | Tourist info on the town Presov | Informacja turystyczna w mieście Presov | Touristische Informationen über die Stadt Presov

Arrival by bus or train
Both stations (bus and train) are located opposite each other on Masarykova street, not far from the city center. If you need to get to city center you can choose from few options. Price and time wise, the best option is a bus (MHD). The bus stop is located right in front of the main bus station. Coming from the train station you have to pass underneath the four-lane road underpass. Bus ticket can be bought right on the bus stop from the ticket machine. To come to the city center you will need a 10 minutes ticket. There are quiet few buses that will bring you to bus stop Na Hlavnej, for example 1, 4, 8, 14, 28, 39, 45. When entering the bus don´t forget to mark your ticket. If you would decide to walk to the city center it will take about 20 min. From exit of the bus station you keep going straight on the Masarykova Street until you see a Tesco store on your left, which means you are in the beggining of historical center of Prešov (bus stop Veľká pošta).

Arrival by car
Prešov is a small compact city and to navigate through it by car is not at all complicated. Closer center is bordered by the principal thoroughfare: Levočská and Duklianska Streets in the North, Štefániková Street and the Grešová Street in the south, Okružná and Vajanského Streets  in the west and the east. In such a limited area, there are several large and small municipal and private parking. Parking is available along the street and in designated areas. City parks, managed by company “Real”, have a graduated tariff charging for parking – the narrowest street in the center of 1 euro/hour (Jarková, Slovenská), distant street 0,7 euro/hour (Baštová, Konštantínova), the outermost streets 0,35 euro/hour (Okružná, Vajanského, Partizánska). Parking on weekends on municipal parking is free. Private parking tend to have a uniform tariff 1 euro/hour. On arrival to the historical center pay attention to the inconspicuous signs “no entry” to the main street – on arrival from Košice after Masaryková street at the intersection near the Tesco store and upon arrival from the direction of Sabinov/Poprad/Vranov from Duklianska and Levočská Streets.

Travelling by public transport
If  you don´t want to use your car or walk, you can use a dense network of public transport. Almost all lines of buses stop right in the historical center (Hlavná ulica/Main Street) or in closer proximity (Okružná Street). Tickets are available for 10, 30, 60 minutes, 24 hours and 7 days. Public transport is divided into two tariff zones. When you do not plan visiting the surrounding area (e. g. towns Veľky Šariš, Ruská Nová Ves, Cemjata, Kanaš), you’ll simply need a ticket in the first zone. After boarding the bus, be sure to mark your ticket. When you need to find connection, visit the official website of the Transport Company of the City of Prešov. A list of important bus connection from the historical center from the bus stop “Trojica” or “Na Hlavnej”:
– to the bus/train station: 1 (direction “Solivar”), 4 (direction “Pod Šalgovíkom”), 8 (direction “Sibírska”), 20 (direction “Delňa”), 28 (direction “Delňa”), 39 (direction “Šváby”), 45 (direction “Delňa”)
– to the university campus (bus stop “Vysokoškolský areál”): 2 (direction “Obrancov mieru”)
– to the shopping center Max (bus stop “Karpatská”): 8 (direction “Sibírska”), 32 (direction Sibírska)

Connections to other cities
For information about train and bus connections visit the website cp.sk. Distances from Prešov: Sabinov 19 km, Košice 37 km, Bardejov 42 km, Levoča 55 km, Svidník 55 km, Stará Ľubovňa 65 km, Michalovce 78 km, Poprad 82 km, Štrbské Pleso 107 km, Uzhgorod (Ukraine) 115 km, Banská Bystrica 210 km, Krakow (Poland) 210 km, Budapest (Hungary) 295 km, Bratislava 425 km.